ProductAXN10/MXN10What is in Early Update for AXN10/MXN10?

What is in Early Update for AXN10/MXN10?

14th February 2024

Early Update 133-b-014 is now available for AXN10/MXN10.

  • No notes

22nd January 2024

Early Update 133-b-010 is now available for AXN10/MXN10.

  • Updated to Cast 2.0

  • Updated TIDAL Connect (Hi-Res support)

  • Updated Spotify Connect

  • Fixed digital distortion at the start of playback when streaming AIFF via Minimserver

  • Fixed saving single tracks and mixes as presets from the queue

  • Fixed metadata handling when skipping tracks during Cast playback

  • Improved auto-power-down behaviour

  • Improved Bluetooth status messaging

  • Implemented embedded album artwork

  • Improved Chinese character metadata handling

  • Fixed Cast group playback sync

  • Added Korean language support

  • Improved Bluetooth sender device volume control

13th July 2023

Early Update 132-b-007 is now available for AXN10/MXN10.

  • Enabled pre-amp mode/volume control for the analogue outputs

  • Fixed re-pairing bluetooth input with Windows 10 and Linux operating systems

  • Improved network connectivity when switching between multiple access point on mesh networks

  • Improved playback states when skipping multiple tracks

  • Disabled Spotify Normalisation

  • Fixed a crash when selecting UPnP track presets after firmware upgrade

  • Show the Bluetooth source device name on the "Now Playing" screen

13th April 2023

Early Update 132-b-004 is now available for AXN10/MXN10.

  • No updates

Known issues:

  • Start-up splash screen animation cut short from cold boot.

  • Some UPnP server preset recalls can cause the unit to crash after upgrading.
    (If you have saved any UPnP presets within the StreamMagic app you may need to save these again after updating).

23rd February 2023

Early Update 131-b-003 is now available for AXN10/MXN10.

  • Fixed TIDAL Connect audio dropouts when streaming MQA content to an MQA enabled DAC via the digital outputs.

  • Fixed webmin "Restart" icon visibility when viewing the webmin settings page in Dark Mode.

  • Fixed French language webmin settings page translations.