ProductAXN10/MXN10What is the highest quality that can be streamed?

What is the highest quality that can be streamed?

Spotify ConnectMobile/Desktop App320kbps
Spotify AirPlayMobile/Desktop App320kbps
Spotify ChromecastMobile/Desktop App320kbps
Spotify BluetoothMobile/Desktop AppAAC
TIDAL ConnectMobile/Desktop App24bit / 48 kHz
TIDAL (via StreamMagic app)StreamMagic App24bit / 48 kHz
TIDAL AirPlayAirPlay 216bit / 44kHz
TIDAL ChromecastChromecast16bit / 44 kHz
TIDAL BluetoothBluetoothAAC
TIDAL RoonRoon Endpoint24bit / 192 kHz
Qobuz (via StreamMagic app)StreamMagic App24bit / 192 kHz
Qobuz AirPlayAirPlay 216bit / 44kHz
Qobuz ChromecastChromecast24bit / 96 kHz
Qobuz BluetoothBluetoothAAC
Qobuz RoonRoon Endpoint24bit / 192 kHz
Third Party App (via AirPlay)AirPlay 216bit / 44kHz
Third Party App (via Chromecast)Chromecast24bit / 96 kHz