ProductCXUDoes the CXU support DSD playback via network or USB?

Does the CXU support DSD playback via network or USB?

Yes, the CXU supports DSD x64 (AKA DSD64 or 64FS). The CXU can play these files via UPnP or USB HDD.

DSD is also supported via SACD playback.

The SACD was developed jointly by Sony and Philips Electronics in 1999. One of the restrictions put in place by Sony and Philips prevented digital signals through either optical or coaxial digital outputs. This means when playing a SACD via the CXUHD, you must use the HDMI output to your AVR.

Once this connections has been established, the following settings must be applied to ensure playback:

Audio Format Setup > SACD Priority > Here you can choose either Stereo or Multi-channel depending on your preference

Audio Format setup > SACD Output > PCM

Please Note: DSD can only be selected as the SACD output providing your HDMI cable is connected to a DSD compatible device. If you are unsure whether your device is DSD compatible, please consult your manual or the AVR's manufacturer.