ProductMelomania M100How does the M100 transparency mode work?
Melomania M100

How does the M100 transparency mode work?

Transparency Mode is a feature which allows you to hear the noises around you without removing your earphones.

The microphones, which are usually used to pick up your voice for a phone call, are repurposed to ensure you never miss a train announcement or continue a conversation without interrupting your music.

You can single tap the left ear bud to cycle through the different Ambient Noise Modes: Normal, Noise Cancelling and Transparency. Alternatively, you can enable Transparency Mode by navigating to the ‘Ambient Noise’ option in the Melomania Connect app.

You will also be able to change the level of Transparency in the Melomania Connect App by selecting ‘Transparency’, where you’ll be able to choose from one of the following Transparency modes: Voice Focus, High and Low.