ProductMelomania M100How do I turn the M100 off?
Melomania M100

How do I turn the M100 off?

Your M100 can be turned off in three different ways:

  • While audio is paused, hold the button on both earphones at the same time for 3 seconds.

  • Place them in the charging case and close the charging case lid. This will mean the ear buds are powered off and charging (if the case is charged), ready for next use.

  • The M100 has APD (auto power down) enabled. The length of time that it will take for the M100 to power off when they are detected as being inactive can be adjusted within the app. Auto power down will occur after 30 minutes or 60 minutes, or it can be disabled.

Note: APD requires the M100 to be detected as inactive and not in use. APD will still be activated on the ear buds even if they remain connected to a device.