ProductMelomania M100How do the M100 EQ settings work?
Melomania M100

How do the M100 EQ settings work?

Our Cambridge Audio engineers have tuned the M100 to sound great for the best audio sources. Not all sources are equal, however, and neither are our preferences for sound, so we have included a seven-band equaliser in the Melomania Connect app, which allows you to adjust the sound for your listening needs.

EQ Presets:
The M100 has the option of 6 presets:

  • Flat

  • Blues

  • Electronic

  • Natural

  • Rock

  • Voice

Customising Presets:

You can customise one of the existing presets or create your own EQ preset from scratch by following the steps below:

  1. Under ‘Equaliser’ in the app, select ‘Customise’.

  2. Edit an existing EQ preset or create your own preset from scratch.

  3. Select ‘Save as new EQ preset’.

  4. Enter a title for the custom EQ preset, then press ‘OK’.

  5. Your custom EQ preset is now saved.

Note: You can save up to 5 custom EQ presets.

Deleting a Custom EQ Preset:

  1. Under ‘Equaliser’ in the app, select ‘Customise’.

  2. Select ‘Edit’.

  3. Select the ‘X’ icon next to the Custom EQ preset you wish to delete.

  4. The Custom EQ preset is now deleted.