ProductMelomania M100How do I clean the M100?
Melomania M100

How do I clean the M100?

Cleaning your M100 earbuds

It is perfectly normal that after some use, your M100 earphones will require cleaning. It is important to regularly check for any debris on your earbuds, as keeping them clean will lead to the best possible performance. To clean them we recommend that you follow these steps:

  1. Remove the ear tips and clean those separately.

  2. Start by using a dry soft brush to gently clear any debris out of the earbud driver grilles. Do not use brushes with any kind of metallic bristles.

  3. Hold the earbuds with the grille facing down so that any debris can fall out of the earbud during the cleaning process. Do this gently to ensure that debris is not pushed further into the earbud.

  4. If, after dry brushing, any wax remains, dip a cotton bud in surgical spirit, tap off excess fluid and then wipe the bud to remove the wax. The spirit will dry quickly and will not damage your earbuds.

  5. Finally, take an alcohol wipe and wipe all over the earbud. This will clean any remaining dirt/debris and disinfect the earbuds.

If your M100 earphones get exposed to moisture during use, dry them using a soft cloth before putting them back in their charging case.

Please note: Take caution not to allow any moisture to enter the earphones through the ports. In addition, do not force any dirt or debris into the ports and do not blow air into or vacuum the earphones as this could risk damaging them.

Cleaning your M100 Tips:

Although wear and tear are inevitable with the foam tips, you can clean them and if done correctly this can lengthen the life of them.

We suggest you first remove them from the earbuds and gently wipe them with a clean, damp cloth - using water or an alcohol-based solution.

Let the tips dry completely before you put them back on to the earbuds.

Please note: We do not recommend you clean the tips while they still on the earbuds as this could risk damaging the earbuds themselves.

Cleaning the charging case:

There should be no obstruction in the charging case stopping the earbud from being properly seated. Be sure to remove any obstruction or debris from the charging case and on and around the charging contacts. If there is sweat, liquid or obstruction on the charging contacts within the case, corrosion may occur. In this situation, please clean the charging terminal or earphones with a suitable cloth or alcohol cleaning pad before charging. Cotton buds can also be used to get into the charging case to clean gently around the charging pins and remove any obstructions.