ProductCXN100How do I use Roon with my Network Player?

How do I use Roon with my Network Player?

The CXN100 is Roon Ready Certified (out of the box) and should be recognised as such by your Roon installation.

Before you can use the Player as a Roon endpoint, you must enable it in the Audio section of the Roon Settings Menu - just click on the purple enable button and you are ready to play!

Ensure the Player is connected to the same network as your Roon Core and it is switched on.

1. Open Roon on your preferred device
2. Tap or select settings in the sidebar, scroll down and select Audio
3. Your Player will be grouped with other Roon Ready devices in your system
4. Select or Tap the Enable button

Your Player is now available as a Zone in Roon and can be selected from the Zone list, which pops up when you tap/click on (Select a Zone) or when you tap on the current Zone icon on the bottom left (portrait mode on mobile devices) or bottom right (landscape mode).

For playback of normal compressed and uncompressed music formats (FLAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF etc) no further action is necessary.

If you will be listening to Hi-resolution audio files with MQA encoding, more configuration may be necessary.