ProductCXN100How do I connect to a Mac with USB Audio?

How do I connect to a Mac with USB Audio?

Note: No extra drivers are required when using a Mac.

How-to guide

1. Connect your device to your Mac

Using a USB Audio cable (Type A to Type B), connect the USB Audio In on your device to a USB port on the Mac.

Note: If using a Mac without a USB Type A port, you may also use USB Type C (Thunderbolt 3) to USB Type B connection.

2. Select the USB Audio source

This can be done using the source selector on the front of the device, or by going to the Home tab and then selecting USB Audio within the Sources section of the StreamMagic app.

3. Within the System Preferences of the Mac, locate the Sound settings.

Select your Network Player as the output sound device.

4. On the Mac navigate to Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup

Select the device as the output sound device on the left column, and then using the drop-down options select the desired bit depth and sample rate preference.

Note: This step is optional.

5. Your Mac’s output will now playback via your Network Player