ProductCXN100How do I connect to a wireless network?

How do I connect to a wireless network?

Important note: Do not plug/unplug the wireless dongle when the unit is on.

How-to guide

1. Ensure that your Network Player is in range of your wireless router and that the supplied Wifi dongle is connected to the rear of the unit

Once you have done the above, power on the Network Player.

2. On an iOS device go to Wi-Fi settings and under ‘SETUP NEW AIRPLAY SPEAKER’ select device

Alternatively (or if using Android), when prompted on the front panel display connect the Network Player to the Wi-Fi network of your choice. Select your Wi-Fi network from the list and then enter your password.

Note: Wi-Fi network passwords are case-sensitive.

3. Once connected, to complete unit setup download and install the StreamMagic app either from the Apple App store or Google Play store