ProductES20How do I install the ES20?

How do I install the ES20?

Before installing your ES20 outdoor speakers, consider their positioning and requirements for cabling. Where possible use existing cover to minimise direct exposure to the elements and ensure that the wall being used for mounting will be able to support the weight of the speaker.

How-to guide

1. Mount the mounting bracket horizontally or vertically in your desired location, then feed your speaker cable through the bracket prior to connection

2. With your amplifier turned off, connect the speaker using the terminals located on the rear panel

Please ensure that you match the polarity of each connection between speaker and amplifier.

3. Loosely fit the speaker to the mounting bracket and adjust it to your desired position

We would recommend angling the speaker downwards slightly to minimise direct exposure to the elements. Once you’re happy with the positioning, tighten the two knobs to secure the speaker.

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