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What is in Early Updates for EDGE NQ?

17th April 2024

Early Update 022-a-147 is now available for EDGE NQ.

  • Added TIDAL Connect Hi-Res support

  • Updated Spotify Connect

  • Updated AirPlay

  • Added ability to save currently playing tracks as a preset

  • Added ability to save the queue as a preset

  • Added description metadata for Media Library services

  • Disabled Spotify loudness normalisation

  • Improved Auto-Power-Down behaviour

  • Improved metadata handling when skipping tracks during Cast playback

  • Updated StreamMagic icons on front panel prompt screens

  • Disable backlight during updates and factory resets in standby

  • Improved Bluetooth prompt screens

  • Improved WAV metadata parsing

  • Improved playback states when skipping tracks

  • Updated translations