ProductEVO 75/150I'm getting a 'Shoutcast' message when listening to BBC radio stations
EVO 75/150

I'm getting a 'Shoutcast' message when listening to BBC radio stations

We've received notification that the BBC will terminate the Shoutcast streams that our old streamers (NP30, Minx Xi, StreamMagic 6 (v1), and Air 100 & 200 products) use in mid-2023.

The Shoutcast stream format for BBC radio stations is being retired by the BBC and replaced with the newer DASH/HLS stream format. Unfortunately, our previous generation of streamers, including NP30, Minx Xi, and Stream Magic 6 v1, as well as Air 100 and 200 speakers, are not able to be updated to accept the newer DASH/HLS stream format.

If you have an Air 100 or 200 you can use Bluetooth or (Airplay on V2 models only) to stream from the BBC Sounds app to the speaker.

If you have an NP30, Minx Xi or Stream Magic 6 v1 network player you can use a BT100 Bluetooth adaptor to add wireless streaming Bluetooth capability to your Network Player to allow you to stream BBC radio stations from the BBC Sounds app on your mobile device to the player once the original ShoutCast streams get retired by the BBC later this year.

Please note that newer streamers, including the CXN v2, CXN, Stream Magic 6 v2, 851N, Edge NQ, Evo 75/150, AXN10 & MXN10 will not be affected by this as they already access these stations using an updated stream format.

If you are receiving this 'Shoutcast' message on any of the above newer streamers this may be because you are listening to the BBC station via an older stored preset.

If this is the case, we would suggest deleting all the BBC stations you have set as presets, and then re-setting them as presets again, as this should resolve the issue. Please see the following article on how to set radio stations as presets via the StreamMagic app here.

If you have updated your preset to the newer DASH/HLS stream type and are still hearing the message then do not worry, the BBC may still be broadcasting these messages on these newer streams as well for the time being. This is a message put out by the BBC themselves, and not something we have any control over.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.

This will not affect BBC World Service.