ProductSX-80Warranty for UK & ROW

Warranty for UK & ROW

Your Cambridge Audio product warranty is the responsibility of the retailer or dealer that you purchased from.

If you purchased from Cambridge Audio directly via or our Amazon stores:

Cambridge Audio products are covered by a warranty from the date of purchase which may differ based on the region it was purchased. This does not cover above-average wear and tear, misuse, and abuse.


  • 2 years warranty on earbuds and charger.

  • 1-year warranty on batteries.

  • 6 months extra warranty when registering your product at

Electronics, Disc Players, Speakers, TV Speakers, Wireless Speakers and Remotes:

  • 2 years warranty

For U.K customers who purchased from Cambridge Audio directly via our eBay store:

The warranty is specified on each individual listing.


If you purchased from a retailer or dealer please contact them for warranty information.