ProductAlva TT (v2)How does tracking force affect playback?
Alva TT (v2)

How does tracking force affect playback?

All cartridges come with a recommended tracking force, measured in grams (g), and this determines the weight at which your stylus sits upon a record whilst playing. This is adjustable using the counterweight towards the rear of the tonearm and setting the correct tracking force is vital to achieve the best from your turntable.

Having the tracking force set incorrectly can cause several issues during playback:

Too heavy: The stylus will be forced into the groove causing distortion and increased wear to the record and stylus tip.

Too light: The stylus will incorrectly track the record groove causing inconsistencies with playback, skipping during tracks. There is also the increased potential for the stylus to skate across the record surface, damaging itself and your vinyl.

When setting up your Alva turntable follow the values suggested in the manual to set your tracking force correctly.