ProductCXN (v2)I want to upgrade the fuse in my Network Player
CXN (v2)

I want to upgrade the fuse in my Network Player

We do not recommend replacing the fuse or any internal components by yourself. Doing so can void any warranty and potentially compromise the safety and performance of the device. All components in our devices, including the fuse, have been carefully chosen and tested to work in harmony with each other, not only to deliver the best audio performance but also to ensure the highest standards of safety.

We take great care in designing our products to deliver exceptional sound quality, and this includes the selection of all internal components, such as fuses. The original fuse installed in the CXN is specifically rated to provide optimal performance and safety.

If you're experiencing any issues or have concerns about your device, please do get in touch with our Support team so that we can ensure that the device continues to operate safely and at its best, without risking the integrity of the device or its warranty.