ProductAXR100DAXR wont power up and switch on.

AXR wont power up and switch on.

If your AXR will not switch on or power up please try the following steps:

Disconnect the speakers from the terminals as well as any other sources/devices connected to the unit.

Disconnect from the mains and leave in a stand-alone, disconnected state for around 30 minutes.

Connect the power supply only to see if the unit powers on.

If the unit powers up then you can connect speakers and other sources one at a time.

If the unit does not power up then please contact us at support where we can provide further options and advice.

Please note that the AXR is rated for 8-ohm speakers.
You can use a pair of 4 or 6-ohm speakers, but we do not recommend using two pairs of 4 or 6-ohm speakers with the AXR as this could result in the amplifier overheating, which in the long run could damage the unit.