ProductAXR100DAXR100D - DAB radio station scan limited

AXR100D - DAB radio station scan limited

We have had reports that some users are experiencing an issue when scanning for DAB radio stations on the AXR100D, where the unit is only able to scan and store 60 stations.

We have now developed a fix for this issue which enable users to store an unlimited number of DAB radio stations. Please follow the steps below to carry out this procedure:

Note: The required .bin file can be found as an attachment at the bottom of this article.



How-to guide

1. Download and copy the .bin file to a USB drive

Copy to the root of the drive, not inside a folder, and do not rename the file.

2. Insert the USB drive into the service port on the rear of the unit

3. Insert power cable and switch on the unit

4. Enter the menu by pressing the menu key (9)

Front panel with all the buttons

5. Using the volume control, navigate to ‘Upgrade’, pressing the volume control to enter, then ‘MCU upgrade’, then ‘Yes’

The unit will then automatically detect the file on the USB drive and update automatically. The unit will then switch off. (If ‘No File’ message is displayed then restart at Step 1)

6. Switch the unit on

7. Press the DAB key, then MODE/STORE (4) key 3 times to navigate to ‘Auto-Scan’

Front panel with all the buttons

8. Press the NEXT key (3) to restart auto-scan procedure

Procedure is complete.
Front panel with all the buttons