ProductAXR100DHow can I connect a turntable to my AXR100D

How can I connect a turntable to my AXR100D

The AXR100D features a PHONO INPUT - This input has a built-in phono stage.
Record players fitted with Phono Cartridges of the Moving Magnet (MM) or high output Moving Coil (MC) type (between 2-6mV output and 30-50k Ohm load impedance) can be used.
Low-output Moving Coil types (<1mV and usually 10-1000 Ohm load impedance) cannot be directly connected and will require a matching transformer or Phono pre-amp.

Note: The ‘ground’ terminals on both the record player and the AXR should be connected (where possible) with a ground wire for lowest noise/hum pickup.

Due to stray magnetic fields, turntables should not be located in close proximity due to possible interference.

If your preference is to use a separate Phono Pre-Amp such as our ALVA Solo Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifier or ALVA Duo Moving Coil & Moving Magnet Phono Preamp could be used and connected to any available analogue RCA input.

Some modern turntables have a built-in Phono stage. If this is the case and enabled then a direct connection to any available analogue input can be made.

Important: The built-in phono input of the AXR100D should not be used to connect from an external Phono Pre-Amp, or if the turntable has a built-in phono stage that has been enabled.