ProductAXR100DHow do I Reallocate Presets on the AXR100D

How do I Reallocate Presets on the AXR100D

If you have stored some presets but wish to assign the stored stations to another preset number, you can do so by following the following step-by-step guide:

How-to guide

1. Select the preset you want to move. You should hear the selected station in the background

2. Press and hold the Mode/Store button for about 1 second until “Memory…” shows in the display.

3. Use the skip forward/skip backward buttons to select the preset number you wish to allocate to the current station.

4. Press the Mode/Store button again to save your selection and return to normal mode

following the long press of the Mode/store button, you must begin to make your selection quickly (within 2 seconds) otherwise, normal mode will automatically resume.