ProductAXA35How can I connect my turntable to the AXA35?

How can I connect my turntable to the AXA35?

This unit has a built-in Phono preamplifier (Phono Stage) so if your turntable does not possess its own or you do not currently use an external version, you may connect the record player to the input on the rear of the unit marked 'Phono'.

If your turntable does have a built-in Phono stage or you are using an external version, you should connect to any of the other analogue inputs as the 'Phono' input may produce an unwanted distortion.

Record players fitted with Phono Cartridges of the Moving Magnet (MM) or high output Moving Coil (MC) type (between 2-6mV output and 30-50k load impedance) can be used.

Low output Moving Coil types (<1mV and usually 10-1000 ohm load impedance) cannot be directly connected and will require a matching transformer or head amp. Please consult your dealer for details.

Please note: The ‘Ground’ terminals on both the record player and the AXA35 should be
connected (where possible) with a ground wire for lowest noise/hum pickup.

Due to stray magnetic fields, turntables should not be located in close proximity due to possible interference.