ProductCXA61/81Why does my CXA61/81 go into protection mode and shows 4 flashing lights?

Why does my CXA61/81 go into protection mode and shows 4 flashing lights?

There have been a small number of reports of CXA units going into protection mode when the unit is switched to standby via the remote control.

This is due to the protection circuit not being in the correct state when the unit has been switched into standby, and then back out of standby very quickly. For example, if a ‘double press’ of the remote button or something similar has occurred when switching the unit off.

This could also happen if the button is held down whilst switching off, or if the button has not been pressed correctly, both these scenarios could potentially create an unintended double press or multiple presses.

This is not unique to the remote control and will also occur if the front panel standby switch is double pressed, or multiple presses occur very quickly when switching off.

If the CXA is used in conjunction with a CXN, both with a line of sight to the remote, it is possible that just after switching both units on, you may want to switch straight into standby before the CXN has completed its start-up routine, during which it will not respond the to the remote, whereas the CXA will. In this case, multiple attempts may be made to switch off the CXN whilst the CXA, due to the multiple presses, goes into protection.