ProductEDGE AHow do I use basic connections?

How do I use basic connections?

The diagram shows the basic connection of the EDGE A to a CD player using the D3 coaxial digital input source and a pair of loudspeakers.
basic connections

The Pre Out can be connected to the inputs of a power amplifier or active subwoofer.

Although the EDGE A does not contain a dedicated subwoofer output, you can connect a subwoofer by connecting either of the unbalanced RCA Pre-Outputs to the corresponding inputs on the rear of your powered sub.

The sub’s audio level will then follow the volume commands of the EDGE to ensure the volume increases/decreases in sync.

To connect the EDGE A to a power amp, such as the EDGE W, you will need to run either unbalanced RCA cables or balanced XLR cables from the Pre Outs to the input on the power amp.

With this setup, you will be using the EDGE A as a dedicated Preamplifier.

power amplifier unbalanced

 power amplifier balanced

Balanced connections in an audio system are designed to reject electrical noise, from power wiring etc, and also the effects of noise currents flowing through ground connections. The basic principle of balanced interconnection is to get the signal you want by subtraction, using a three wire connection. One signal wire (the hot or in-phase) carries the normal signal, while other (the cold or phase-inverted) carries an inverted version. The balanced input senses the difference between the two lines to give the wanted signal. Any noise voltages that appear identically on both lines (these are called common-mode signals) are cancelled by the subtraction.

The EDGE A is designed to work at its highest performance when a balanced interconnect is used.
balanced audio connections

Note: Ensure that the A3 input has been selected via the source selector dial on the front panel or the source selector buttons on the remote.

There will be no audio from the EDGE if the correct input hasn’t been selected.