ProductStreamMagic 6Some BBC local radio station streams will stop broadcasting in 2023
StreamMagic 6

Some BBC local radio station streams will stop broadcasting in 2023

We've received notification that the BBC will terminate the local Shoutcast streams that our old streamers (NP30, Minx Xi, StreamMagic 6 V1 and Air products) use in mid-2023.

We regret to inform owners of our older network streamers that, following the BBC's decision to terminate Shoutcast streams for their stations in mid-2023, we will not be able to facilitate these older products receiving the newer stream types once they are activated.

This will not affect BBC World Service, just the local UK radio streams.

We are sorry that your product has features that are no longer supported. We design our products so that they are built to last and strive to support them for as long as possible. Going so far as adding additional services and features to products where their hardware can support this.

Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t make the stars align, and this is one of those cases.

Affected products that will no longer be able to receive BBC radio stations once the BBC terminate the Shoutcast streams later this year: NP30, Minx Xi, StreamMagic 6 (v1), Air100v1, Air200v1, Air100v2, Air200v2.

Newer streamers (StreamMagic 6 v2 and onwards) will not be affected by this as they already access these stations using a different stream format.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.