ProductBT100I cannot pair my BT100

I cannot pair my BT100

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Follow this pairing guide

Pairing your BT100 and source establishes an authorised audio link that can then be used again in the future without having to go through this stage again.

How-to guide

1. Insert the BT100 into the USB port on your compatible Cambridge Audio product

You can insert the BT100 directly onto the "Ext. Device" port or use the BT100 Extension Cable.

2. Set the BT100 to pairing mode

Wait a moment for the BT100 to be detected.

Double click the button to enter pairing mode.

The BT100 flashes rapidly to indicate itt is in pairing mode.

3. Pair to the audio source

Put your Bluetooth compliant audio source into pairing mode. Please consult your manufacturer’s user manual on how to do this.

Normally on your source you will need to select Bluetooth Pairing and then the BT100 should appear as ‘Cambridge Audio BT100’ in a list of locally found Bluetooth devices.

Select that item in the list to finish pairing.

On successful pairing, the BT100s LED goes off for a second or two, then triple flashes quickly. The LED then goes off and only lights up in the future when you are playing audio via Bluetooth.