Melomania TouchCommon issuesWhy do my earphones disconnect and then reconnect during use?
Melomania Touch

Why do my earphones disconnect and then reconnect during use?

If you have experienced a very short disconnection then reconnection during the use of your Melomania Touch, do not worry, this is the Power Balance Feature.

This feature was designed to extend the playtime of your Melomania Touch earphones by automatically swapping which earbud is directly connected to your mobile device (this primary earbud's battery drains more quickly than the secondary earbud). This happens when the difference between the battery levels of the two earbuds exceeds 20%. The feature also helps to improve the earphone’s battery health, as frequent use of the same earphone (Left, for example) as primary, will eventually lead to poor battery health – resulting in faster discharge.

If your device is an Android TWS+ phone, then the battery drain will be similar for both earbuds and so you should not experience this connection swapping.

Please note that this feature cannot be switched off.