Melomania TouchCommon issuesHow do I pair Melomania Touch to an Apple computer?
Melomania Touch

How do I pair Melomania Touch to an Apple computer?

Step 1. Charge new earphones for 30 minutes before pairing.

Step 2. Take the earphones out of the charging case.

If your Melomania Touch earphones have not previously been paired, or you have reset them, they should automatically be ready to pair. The correct state for pairing is: the LED on one earphone flashing blue and white alternately, and the other earphone’s LED flashing white. They must be in this state to pair successfully.

If they do not automatically go into the correct pairing state, try putting them back in the charging case for a few seconds and then taking them out again.

If they have never been paired but do not go into the pairing state automatically, or if they have previously been paired with another device, then you must put them in pairing mode manually:

1.) If the LED is unlit, then the earphone is OFF. Touch the control surface for about 2 seconds until the voice prompt says ‘power on’ and the LED flashes white. Both earphones must be powered ON.

2.) If both earphones’ LEDs are flashing white, then neither of them are waiting to pair. Touch the control surface on ONE earphone, it doesn’t matter which one, for about 8 seconds until the voice prompt says ‘waiting to pair’ and the LED flashes blue and white alternately. One earphone must be waiting to pair.

Step 3. Go to System Preferences.

Step 4. In your System Preferences, select Bluetooth.

Step 5. Turn ON Bluetooth if it is OFF.

Step 6. Select ‘Connect’ next to the Melomania device.

You will see either Melomania Touch L or Melomania Touch R in the DEVICES list, select this. If you have manually enabled both earphones for pairing you will see them both in the DEVICES list, this is fine, just select either one of them.

Once selected you will hear the “Melomania Connected” voice prompt and the LED on the selected (primary) earphone will stop flashing blue and white, and will flash white only.

Step 7. Accept pairing request from secondary earphone.

Soon after pairing the primary earphone you will see a pop-up message requesting to pair the secondary earphone, press Connect. You will hear the ‘Melomania Paired’ voice prompt and the LED on the secondary earphone will flash white.

Step 8. Your Melomania Touch earphones are now connected.


If Pairing is not successful and you need to start again:

  1. In the Bluetooth settings Devices list press the X next to the Melomania device.

  1. Select 'Remove'.

  1. Repeat to forget the other earphone.

  2. Continue with manual pairing from Step 5.