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Melomania Touch

Getting the perfect fit for your Melomania Touch

Choose the right size earbuds

The most important factor in making sure that your earbuds fit correctly and the sound (especially bass) is optimal, is choosing the correct size for your ears.
Melomania Touch has been designed for use specifically with silicone ear tips (three separate sizes of silicone ear tips are included in the box; small, medium, and large). Earbuds and Support Fins that are either too big or too small can fall out or feel uncomfortable to use and will not provide the optimum listening experience. It is crucial that you try the full range of silicone tips and fins provided, so you can find the right fit for you.

The silicone ear tips that are provided with your Melomania Touch are designed to sit comfortably against the opening to your ear canal and to stay there and seal your ear canal from outside noise. In our experience, using a foam ear tip that naturally expands once they sit in the ear could push the earbud out from its natural position within the ear canal, causing discomfort and reducing the optimum fit of the earbud. It is for this reason that we do not recommend that foam ear tips of any type are used with Melomania Touch.

Fitting the earbuds correctly

  1. Distinguish between the left and the right side.

  2. Place the left earbuds into the left ear but don’t push it in.

  3. Use your right hand and grab onto the left earlobe.

  4. Pull downwards on the left earlobe in order to widen the ear canal.

  5. Use your index finger to push the earbud into the ear canal with light pressure.

  6. Don’t force the earbuds right into the ear, only enough to feel a tight seal.

  7. Repeat the steps for the right earbuds.

Be careful that you do not push them too far in your ears when inserting them.

If the earbud tends to fall out, you may require a larger tip or support fit.

We would recommend trying all the available combinations of tips and fins to ensure the best fit for you and in turn, get the highest sound quality possible.

Note: If the earbud feels pressured and uncomfortable, you may benefit from a smaller tip or support fin.

Once you’ve tried different sizes, and followed the above steps to make sure they are sitting in your ears correctly, you should hear an improvement in the bass and the audio will be louder than normal. This is due to the seal created between your ear canal and the earbuds. This will also mean that the external noise shouldn’t be heard as much.

It is important that you carry out the above steps first to understand if issues surrounding sound quality are due to a problem of fit.

Please note: We are unable to offer any more sizes of tips and fins than those that currently comes in the box with Melomania Touch. We would happily make more sizes, however, the issue is they then won’t then fit in the charging case, and as such we don't currently have any further options we can offer at this time.