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Firmware Information

24th April 2024

General release 022-a-147 is now available.

  • Added TIDAL Connect Hi-Res support

  • Updated Spotify Connect

  • Updated AirPlay

  • Added ability to save currently playing tracks as a preset

  • Added ability to save the queue as a preset

  • Added description metadata for Media Library services

  • Disabled Spotify loudness normalisation

  • Improved Auto-Power-Down behaviour

  • Improved metadata handling when skipping tracks during Cast playback

  • Updated StreamMagic icons on front panel prompt screens

  • Disable backlight during updates and factory resets in standby

  • Improved Bluetooth prompt screens

  • Improved WAV metadata parsing

  • Improved playback states when skipping tracks

  • Updated translations

20th January 2023
General release 022-a-132 is now available.

  • Fixed a crash when browsing the Media Library via the front panel

18th January 2023

General release 022-a-131 is now available:

  • Added Deezer support via the Airable service

  • Updated TIDAL and Qobuz integrations for support via the Airable service

  • Fixed an issue with Qobuz playlists
    Updated Spotify
    Fixed a crash when starting Audirvana playback

  • Updated Italian language translations

Known issues:

  • Some translations are missing or incomplete

  • Some translations feature symbols instead of letters

  • Track resolution is missing from Qobuz

  • Deezer symbol is displayed when listening to Qobuz
    We are working on a fix for all of these known issues as a priority and will release an update to address them as soon as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Please make sure you have also updated to the latest version of the StreamMagic app version 2.10.0 in order to take advantage of some of these features.
If you have saved any TIDAL or Qobuz presets within the StreamMagic app you may need to save these again after updating.

19th April 2022

General Release 022-a-124 is now available.

  • Updated Cast.

  • Fixed Casting BBC Sounds.

  • Fixed Casting Deezer.

  • Fixed Casting YouTube Sounds.