ProductEDGE NQHow do I use basic connections?

How do I use basic connections?

Important Note: Switch the power off before making any connections.

There are two analogue connection options for the EDGE NQ. Please see below for diagrams on how to make either a balanced or unbalanced connection from your Edge NQ to an EDGE W.

Using either of these analogue connections will utilise the high-quality DAC within the EDGE NQ.

1. Unbalanced Audio Connection (RCA)

Important Note:
If using RCA cables, please ensure to select the ‘Unbalanced’ switch on the EDGE W.
unbalanced audio connection

2. Balanced Audio Connection (XLR)
Balanced connections in an audio system are designed to reject electrical noise, from power wiring etc, as well as the effects of noise currents flowing through ground connections. The basic principle of balanced interconnection is to get the signal you want by subtraction, using a three-wire connection. One signal wire (the hot or in-phase) carries the normal signal, while other (the cold or phase-inverted) carries an inverted version.

The balanced input senses the difference between the two lines to give the wanted signal. Any noise voltages that appear identically on both lines (these are called common-mode signals) are cancelled by the subtraction.

Important Note: If using XLR cables, please ensure to select the ‘Balanced’ switch on the EDGE W.
balanced audio connection