ProductEDGE NQCan I use Deezer on my Edge NQ?

Can I use Deezer on my Edge NQ?

***Deezer is only available within the StreamMagic app when running firmware version 129-b-004 or later and StreamMagic app version 2.9.0 or later. **

Deezer (via StreamMagic)*

  1. Open the StreamMagic app and navigate to the Library tab, and then select Deezer.

Note: Please ensure that you sign into your Deezer account when prompted to do so. This will only be required on the first instance of use to link the account to the StreamMagic app.

  1. Choose the playlist, album, song, etc. that you wish to stream to your player.

  2. Deezer should now be streaming your chosen content to your player.