ProductEVO 75/150How to playback MQA encoded files using EVO?
EVO 75/150

How to playback MQA encoded files using EVO?

MQA is a relatively new technology and enables high resolution music files to be
reduced in size in a way which means a normal DAC (without MQA) sees and plays a
standard (CD) resolution file while an MQA equipped DAC is able to ‘unfold’ the file -
restoring the additional resolution.

The DACs in EVO 75 and EVO 150 fully support MQA and can recognize files encoded in this
fashion. As the recognition process is automatic, you don’t really need to do anything
except find some music to play.

MQA encoded files can be streamed from the internet, or played from locally connected
sources like a USB hard drive or even a CD player. Any digital input on an EVO can be
used to pass MQA files.

Currently, Master Quality titles available from Tidal are MQA encoded and this is
probably the largest, easily accessible repository of MQA high-resolution material. You
will require a Tidal Hi-Fi subscription to get access to this library. You can also purchase
MQA encoded albums or even MQA encoded CD’s from various websites.

See these links for more information on downloading, streaming or purchasing MQA encoded hi-res content:

MQA offers some other advantages - one of which is authentication - confirming the
provenance of a piece of music. It’s a kind of guarantee that states the music you are
listening to is approved by the Studio and/or Artist who produced it. When you
stream/play an MQA encoded song, the EVO will show the MQA logo on the display and
it will be accompanied by a coloured dot.

When the dot is blue: You know you are listening to an ‘authenticated’ stream.

If the dot is green, you are still receiving an MQA file, it is still being unfolded by the EVO
to give the highest resolution but the file itself is not authenticated - this means it may not
be the most recent or definitive version of this piece of music.