ProductEVO 75/150How to use the Volume Trim feature
EVO 75/150

How to use the Volume Trim feature

Supported players running the latest version of firmware now offer the ability to control a number of source-specific settings via the StreamMagic app.

For all sources, volume trim can be adjusted, plus or minus 6dB, to normalise the volume level across all of your inputs and services.

Please see the Step-by-step guide below on how to do this.

How-to guide

1. To access this feature, go to 'EDIT' in 'Sources' on the Home tab of the StreamMagic app

2. Select the Source or Input you wish to apply the volume trim to

3. Ensuring the source is enabled, adjust the 'Volume trim' slide at the bottom, plus or minus 6dB

4. When adjusted to desired level, confirm selection by pressing 'Done' in the right top corner of your screen

Finally, confirm these changes by selecting 'Save' in the top right corner of the screen.