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EVO 75/150

What is the latest firmware for EVO?

26th July 2023

General release 132-b-007 is now available for Evo 75/150.

  • Improved network connectivity when switching between multiple access point on mesh networks

  • Improved playback states when skipping multiple tracks

  • Disabled Spotify Normalisation

  • Display Qobuz logo when playing Airable tracks via the media library

  • Fixed a crash when selecting UPnP track presets after firmware upgrade

  • Show the Bluetooth source device name on the "Now Playing" screen

  • Fixed the language select screen when connecting to the network via Ethernet after power-on during setup

  • Display multiple artist names on the front panel when playing Spotify via AirPlay

26th April 2023

General release v132-b-004 is now available for Evo 75/150:

  • Improved digital input sample rate and signal status reporting.

  • Fixed a crash when initiating network setup mode via the front panel info screen following a factory reset.

  • Fixed low sample rate playback (22kHz) on the digital inputs.

  • Added new start-up screen animations.

27th March 2023

General release v131-b-003 is now available for Evo 75/150:

  • Fixed ARC no audio output when switching to ARC input via TV power on commands.

  • Fixed webmin "Restart" icon visibility when viewing the webmin settings page in Dark Mode.

  • Fixed French language webmin settings page translations.

  • Updated Polish translations.

  • Added new translations for various untranslated strings.

  • Improved Cast and Roon multi-room playback sync.

18th January 2023

General release v131-b-001 is now available for Evo 75/150:

  • Updated TIDAL and Qobuz integrations for support via the Airable service

  • Fixed an issue with Qobuz playlists

  • Updated Qobuz front panel logo

  • Updated Spotify

  • Added restart button to the webmin settings page

  • Updated translations

Known issues

  • Some translations are missing or incomplete

  • Some translations feature symbols instead of letters

  • Track resolution is missing from Qobuz

  • Deezer symbol is displayed when listening to Qobuz

We are working on a fix for all of these known issues as a priority and will release an update to address them as soon as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Important Notes:
Please make sure you have also updated to the latest version of the StreamMagic app version 2.10.0 (iOS) or 2.10.1 (Android) in order to take advantage of some of these features.
If you have saved any TIDAL or Qobuz presets within the StreamMagic app you may need to save these again after updating.

3rd November 2022

General Release 130-b-002 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Updated Spotify

  • Improved Deezer metadata handling

  • Fixed no audio output after firmware update when Tone Control is enabled

  • Fixed occasional Airplay audio anomalies at the start of tracks when skipping through playlists and albums

15th September 2022

General Release 129-b-004 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Added Deezer streaming services

  • Improved unit behaviour when performing a factory reset in network standby mode

  • Audirvana improvements.

27th June 2022

General Release 128-b-004 is now available for EVO 75 and EVO 150

  • Fix for a rare screen start-up issue.

30th March 2022

General Release 127-b-001 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Fixed Chromecast disconnects.

  • Updated TIDAL Connect.

  • Updated MQA library.

  • Fixed lock-up when powering off Evo during splash screen start up.

  • Fixed previous streaming info briefly displayed on the front panel when entering network standby.

  • Improvements for screen issues.

  • Updated Roon icons.

17th February 2022

General Release 126-b-001 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Updated Spotify

  • Fixed crash when using Roon DSP sample rate conversion

  • Fixed AirPlay disconnects

  • Fixed AirPlay sample rate/bit depth not being displayed

  • Display name of sending device on AirPlay source

  • Fixed long delay before playing Antenne Bayern stations

  • Fixed a crash when playing RNE clasica radio station

  • Fixed info screen fields for Network & Internet not updating when language changes

  • Added Italian translation for "Media Library"

12th January 2022

General Release 125-b-002 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Added exFAT USB drive support

  • Updated AirPlay

  • Improved Russian and Polish front panel info display page

  • Improved front panel info display page spacing

  • Fixed volume level returns to 1 after Eco mode power cycle

  • Fixed distortion when attempting to play unsupported native DSD512 steams via USB Audio

  • Fixed volume levels when enabling unsupported Tone Control during DSD (DoP) playback

  • Fixed Left/Right output swapped when playing DSD files

  • Fixed a loud pop when switching from a home theatre bypass enabled analogue input, to a non-home theatre bypass enabled analogue input with an active signal

20th October 2021

General Release 124-d-005 is now available for Evo 75/150.

  • Fixed a unit crash when adding tracks to the queue

  • Fixed broken PBB internet radio streams

  • Fixed reconnecting to the network when Wi-Fi signal is lost temporarily

  • Fixed a short burst of sound when entering Eco mode standby while listening to physical inputs

  • Updated Japanese translations

  • Fixed info screen translations

  • Updated patch to improve UI crash

  • Updated the info screen to return to the current source after one minute of inactivity

  • Updated Cast.

23rd September 2021

General Release 124-c-001 is now available for Evo 75/150:

  • Updated Cast

  • Fixed low sample rate internet radio playback

  • Fixed WMA file meta-data parsing

  • Fixed entering Network Standby during Bubble UPnP queue playback

  • Fixed mute state after switching between speaker and wired headphone outputs

  • Patch to improve UI crash

18th August 2021

General Release 124-b-001 is now available for Evo 75/150:

  • Fixed start of track cut-off when starting Spotify playback from Network Standby

  • Fixed adjusting the display brightness when the unit is in Network Standby mode

  • Fixed audio issues when playing low sample rate streams via digital inputs

  • Fixed a crash when quickly skipping through tracks in the queue using the IR remote control

  • Fixed distortion when using both Tone Control and Input Trim at the same time on analogue inputs

  • Fixed incorrect DSD format metadata reporting on some hardware revisions

16th July 2021

General Release 124-a-087 is now available for Evo 75/150:

  • Don't set back-light when the level is changed when in standby

  • Update German translations for Bright and Dim

  • Fix re-enabling IR remote control after adjusting the volume via ARC

12th July 2021

General Release 124-a 084 is now available for Evo 75/150:

  • Various crash fixes.

  • Improved Tone Control response on analogue inputs

  • Updated the Cambridge Audio logo on the webmin settings page

  • Fixed discrepancies in volume when setting the volume via the front panel and TV ARC

  • Fixed low-resolution radio station playback

  • Prevent the volume level being displayed when powering on from network standby

  • Fixed info screen translations

  • Updated home theatre bypass and tone control translations

  • Updated description for "Moving Magnet Phono"

  • Updated USB Audio descriptions and translations

  • Fixed random TIDAL pauses

  • Restart the whole UI if rebooted while in network standby (fix corrupted screen)

  • Fixed crashes during prolonged Qobuz playback via Cast

  • Fixed missing Bluetooth input setup prompt

  • Fixed Bluetooth output when the analogue input signal is low

  • Fixed front panel lock-ups

  • Added input trim

1st June 2021

Evo General Release 124-a-018 is now available for Evo 150/75:

  • Added Tone Control.

  • Updated network status icons.

  • Improved network setup mode via the front panel.

  • Fixed IR remote control functions when Bluetooth output is selected.

  • Fixed brief audio drop-outs when re-selecting the current Bluetooth output.

  • Improved progress bar reporting when skipping tracks.

  • Fixed Bluetooth volume problem if set to 0 before pairing.

  • Increased maximum number of presets from 20 to 99.

  • Fixed metadata reporting for Control4/RTI systems.

  • Fixed volume level discrepancies when setting the volume via the StreamMagic App, front panel or TV ARC control.

  • Fix to prevent the unit from powering off if the remote control power button is held during power on from ECO Mode standby.

  • MQA performance improvements.

28th April 2021

Evo General Release 122-a-207 is now available for Evo 150/75:

  • Updated TIDAL Connect to version

  • Fixed audio drop-outs at the start of MQA tracks via TIDAL Connect

  • Fixed audio drop-outs when pausing and resuming MQA playback via TIDAL Connect

  • Improved stability when switching between MQA sample rates and sources.

  • Changed "play-from-here" behaviour to clear the current queue before adding new tracks

  • Updated the Roon Ready on-device logo

  • Fixed selecting sources if the current source has been disabled

  • Fixed unwanted user interface artefacts when switching between French and Dutch languages

  • Fixed unwanted user interface artefacts when selecting output devices with unusually long names.

  • The source list no longer wraps around