ProductEVO 75/150How to use Home Theatre Bypass?
EVO 75/150

How to use Home Theatre Bypass?

Please Note: Home Theatre Bypass is only for use with an AV receiver.

Enabling Home Theatre Bypass will ensure that the selected source outputs line-level volume, delegating volume control to your home theatre system.

How-to guide

1. To access this feature, go to 'EDIT' in 'Sources' on the Home tab of the StreamMagic app

2. Select the Aux input that your AV receiver should be connected to

3. Ensuring the source is enabled, toggle on 'Home theatre bypass'

4. You will then be prompted with a Warning message instructing you that volume will be set to full on when enabled

IMPORTANT: Before confirming, please be aware enabling Home Theatre Bypass will set the source volume to full and functionality of volume will be disabled. Therefore, ensure the volume of the AV receiver is set to a low volume first, and then adjust accordingly once enabled.

5. Once Home Theatre Bypass has been enabled, press 'Edit Sources' in the top left hand corner of the screen to return back to the app home page