ProductEVO 75/150What is in Early Update for EVO 75 and EVO 150?
EVO 75/150

What is in Early Update for EVO 75 and EVO 150?

14th February 2024

Early Update 133-b-014 is now available for Evo 75/150.

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22nd January 2024

Early Update 133-b-010 is now available for Evo 75/150.

  • Updated to Cast 2.0

  • Updated TIDAL Connect (Hi-Res support)

  • Updated Spotify Connect

  • Improved front panel display metadata scrolling

  • Fixed digital distortion at the start of playback when streaming AIFF via Minimserver

  • Fixed the progress bar when Casting the last track in a Youtube Music playlist

  • Fixed saving single tracks and mixes as presets from the queue

  • Fixed metadata handling when skipping tracks during Cast playback

  • Improved auto-power-down behaviour

  • Improved Bluetooth status messaging

  • Implemented embedded album artwork

  • Improved Chinese character metadata handling

  • Fixed Cast group playback sync

  • Added Korean language support

  • Added "Pause" and "Stop" front panel animations

  • Improved Bluetooth sender device volume control

2nd August 2023

Early Update 132-b-008 is now available for Evo 75/150.

  • Improved front panel metadata handling

13th July 2023

Early Update 132-b-007 is now available for Evo 75/150.

  • Improved network connectivity when switching between multiple access point on mesh networks

  • Improved playback states when skipping multiple tracks

  • Disabled Spotify Normalisation

  • Display Qobuz logo when playing Airable tracks via the media library

  • Fixed a crash when selecting UPnP track presets after firmware upgrade

  • Show the Bluetooth source device name on the "Now Playing" screen

  • Fixed the language select screen when connecting to the network via Ethernet after power-on during setup

  • Display multiple artist names on the front panel when playing Spotify via AirPlay

13th April 2023

Early Update 132-b-004 is now available for Evo 75/150.

  • Improved digital input sample rate and signal status reporting.

  • Fixed a crash when initiating network setup mode via the front panel info screen following a factory reset.

  • Fixed low sample rate playback (22kHz) on the digital inputs.

  • Added new start-up screen animations.

23rd February 2023

Early Update 131-b-003 is now available for Evo 75/150.

  • Fixed ARC no audio output when switching to ARC input via TV power on commands.

  • Fixed webmin "Restart" icon visibility when viewing the webmin settings page in Dark Mode.

  • Fixed French language webmin settings page translations.

  • Updated Polish translations.

  • Added new translations for various untranslated strings.

  • Improved Cast and Roon multi-room playback sync.

28th October 2022

Early Update 130-b-002 is now available for Evo 75/150.

  • Updated Spotify

  • Improved Deezer metadata handling

  • Fixed no audio output after firmware update when Tone Control is enabled

  • Fixed occasional Airplay audio anomalies at the start of tracks when skipping through playlists and albums.

22nd August 2022

Early Update 129-b-002 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Audirvana improvements.

12th August 2022

Early Update 128-b-005 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Improved unit behaviour when performing a factory reset in network standby mode.

8th June 2022

Early Update 128-b-004 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Improvements for screen issues.

10th May 2022

Early Update 128-b-002 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Improvements for screen issues

27th April 2022

Early update 128-b-001 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Improvements for screen issues

23rd March 2022

Early Update 127-b-001 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Fixed Chromecast disconnects

  • Updated TIDAL Connect

  • Updated MQA library

  • Fixed lock-up when powering off Evo during splash screen startup

  • Fixed previous streaming info briefly displayed on the front panel when entering network standby

  • Improvements for screen issues

  • Updated Roon icons.

9th February 2022

Early Update 126-b-001 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Updated Spotify

  • Fixed crash when using Roon DSP sample rate conversion

  • Fixed AirPlay disconnects

  • Fixed AirPlay sample rate/bit depth not being displayed

  • Display name of sending device on AirPlay source

  • Fixed long delay before playing Antenne Bayern stations

  • Fixed crash when playing RNE clasica radio station

  • Fixed info screen fields for Network & Internet not updating when language changes

  • Added Italian translation for "Media Library"

16th December 2021

Early Update 125-b-001 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Added exFAT USB drive support

  • Updated AirPlay

  • Improved Russian and Polish front panel info display page

  • Improved front panel info display page spacing

  • Fixed volume level returns to 1 after Eco mode power cycle

  • Fixed distortion when attempting to play unsupported native DSD512 steams via USB Audio

  • Fixed volume levels when enabling unsupported Tone Control during DSD (DoP) playback

  • Fixed Left/Right output swapped when playing DSD files

  • Fixed a loud pop when switching from a home theatre bypass enabled analogue input, to a non-home theatre bypass enabled analogue input with an active signal.

13th October 2021

Early update 124-d-005 is now available for Evo 75/100

  • Fixed a unit crash when adding tracks to the queue

  • Fixed broken PBB internet radio streams

  • Fixed reconnecting to the network when Wi-Fi signal is lost temporarily

  • Fixed a short burst of sound when entering Eco mode standby while listening to physical inputs

  • Updated Japanese translations

  • Fixed info screen translations

  • Updated patch to improve UI crash

  • Updated the info screen to return to the current source after one minute of inactivity

  • Updated Cast

16th September 2021

Early update 124-c-001 is now available for Evo 75/100

  • Updated Cast

  • Fixed low sample rate internet radio playback

  • Fixed WMA file meta-data parsing

  • Fixed entering Network Standby during Bubble UPnP queue playback

  • Fixed mute state after switching between speaker and wired headphone outputs

  • Patch to improve UI crash.

12th August 2021

Early Update 124-b-001 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Fixed start of track cut-off when starting Spotify playback from Network Standby.

  • Fixed adjusting the display brightness when the unit is in Network Standby mode.

  • Fixed audio issues when playing low sample rate streams via digital inputs.

  • Fixed a crash when quickly skipping through tracks in the queue using the IR remote control.

  • Fixed distortion when using both Tone Control and Input Trim at the same time on analogue inputs.

  • Fixed incorrect DSD format metadata reporting on some hardware revisions.

5th July 2021

Early Update 124-a-078 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Fixed info screen translations.

  • Updated description for "Moving Magnet Phono"

  • Updated USB Audio descriptions and translations

  • Updated to TIDAL Connect SDK

  • Restart the whole UI if rebooted while in network standby (fix corrupted screen).

  • Fixed crashes during prolonged Qobuz playback via Cast.

17th June 2021

Early update 124-a-037 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Various crash fixes

  • Improved Tone Control response on analogue inputs

  • Updated the Cambridge Audio logo on the webmin settings page

  • Improved mute/un-mute

  • Fixed low-resolution radio station playback.

  • Prevent the volume level being displayed when powering on from network standby.

27th May 2021

Early Update 124-a-018 is now available for Evo 75/150

  • Added Tone Control.

  • Updated network status icons

  • Improved network setup mode via the front panel

  • Fixed IR remote control functions when Bluetooth output is selected

  • Fixed brief audio drop-outs when re-selecting the current Bluetooth output

  • Improved progress bar reporting when skipping tracks

  • Fixed Bluetooth volume problem if set to 0 before pairing

  • Increased maximum number of presets from 20 to 99

  • Fixed metadata reporting for Control4/RTI systems

  • Fixed volume level discrepancies when setting the volume via the StreamMagic App, front panel or TV ARC control

  • Fix to prevent the unit from powering off if the remote control power button is held during power-on from ECO Mode standby