ProductAXC25/35How do I load and unload discs?

How do I load and unload discs?

Important Information:

  • Do not put anything except for a compact disc into the disc tray as this can damage the mechanism.

  • Do not force the tray by hand during opening and closing operations.

  • To avoid dirt and dust entering the mechanism, keep the disc tray closed when not in use.

  • If the compact disc that you are attempting to load is badly scratched or dirty, the player may be unable to read or play it.

  • Never attempt to load multiple discs into the disc tray at any time.

How-to guide

1. Using the front panel or remote control, press the ‘Open/Close’ button to open the disc tray

2. Once the disc tray has fully opened, carefully place a disc into the tray with the label side facing upwards

3. Close the disc tray by pressing the ‘Open/Close’ button again

When the tray has fully closed the AXC25/35 will read the disc and display the content information.

4. The disc tray can be opened at any time during playback using either the front panel ‘Open/Close’ button, or the one located on the remote control

Only remove an inserted disc after the disc tray has fully opened.