ProductAXR85/100Unable to store radio presets

Unable to store radio presets

Try this solution

Make sure to follow the "Storing radio presets guide"

To assign a radio station to a preset, please follow the below steps, whilst listening to the frequency or station you wish to store:

Press and hold the 'Mode / Store' button.

Use the 'Skip / Scan' button or 'Preset Buttons' to select the preset location for the station to be stored to.

Press the 'Mode / Store' button again to confirm your selection.

The radio station will now be assigned to your chosen preset.

IMPORTANT: Presets are stored separately for each waveband, meaning that there are 15 preset slots available for FM stations, and 15 preset slots available for AM stations. Press the 'FM / AM Button' to switch between bands, and the banks of FM and AM presets.