ProductAXR85/100How can I connect a Sub Woofer to the AXR85/100 ?

How can I connect a Sub Woofer to the AXR85/100 ?

The AXR85/100 features a SUB OUT for connection to the input socket of an active subwoofer.

*Note: There is a 2nd order low pass filter of 200Hz applied to the Sub Out, which will filter out frequencies above 200Hz.
The frequency of the connected speakers is not adjusted when the Sub Out is in use, they will still be sent the full frequency range.

Please note that the AXR has a REC OUT -
For connecting to the recording input of a CD recorder input, tape deck or another compatible recording device etc.
This output provides a constant high-level output that does not fluctuate with the volume of the main unit. For this reason, the AXR85/100 cannot be used as a Preamplifier only and the Rec Out can’t be connected to a Subwoofer.