ProductAlva TT (v2)How do I pair with bluetooth?
Alva TT (v2)

How do I pair with bluetooth?

Bluetooth LED Status

Fast flashing – In pairing mode.

Slow flashing – Searching for the last paired device.

Solid – Paired to a device.

Long solid intervals – Paired to a device using aptX/aptX HD codec.

How-to guide

1. Make sure Output Level switch is set to LINE.

2. Make sure BT switch is set to ON


3. Press and hold the Pairing button for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode.


4. If you haven't connected your turntable to a Bluetooth device previously, make sure your Bluetooth device is set to pairing mode (see your Bluetooth device instructions for how to do this)

5. Make sure that there are no other Bluetooth devices in pairing mode near the turntable, such as portable speakers, laptops, or smart TVs

The turntable will automatically pair to your Bluetooth device.

6. Press and hold the Pairing button for 10 seconds to clear connections and turn off Bluetooth

Note: By default, the Bluetooth will attempt to connect to the last paired device every time the unit is turned on.