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Melomania 1/1+

I'm experiencing low bass

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Make sure your earbuds fit your ears correctly and that you have a good seal

Make sure that your earbuds fit correctly by choosing the correct size ear tips for your ears. It is crucial that you try the full range of tips provided to find the right fit for you.

Distinguish between the left and the right side.

Place the left earbuds into the left ear but don’t push it in.

Use your right hand and grab onto the left earlobe.

Pull downwards on the left earlobe in order to widen the ear canal.

Use your index finger to push the earbud into the ear canal with light pressure.

Don’t force the earbuds right into the ear, only enough to feel a tight seal.

Repeat the steps for the right earbuds.

If the earbud tends to fall out, you may require a larger tip or, if you are using the foam tips, you may need to insert the tip into the ear quicker before the foam has a chance to expand. If it continues to fall out, you may benefit from using the larger memory foam version which can be purchased from our CA website here or Amazon here.

If the earbud feels pressured and uncomfortable, you may benefit from a smaller tip.

When trying the foam tips you should compress/roll the foam to make it smaller prior to placing it in your ear. The foam will then expand to fill the ear canal and provide a snug fit. Don't just push them into your ears!