ProductCXN (v2)I'm getting an 'Error 1073' message, what does this mean?
CXN (v2)

I'm getting an 'Error 1073' message, what does this mean?

We have had some reports of this error message occurring from users who are using the Cambridge Connect app with their CXN V2. If this is the case, please ensure that you are using our StreamMagic app with your streamer, as the Cambridge Connect app is only recommended to be used with our older network streamers (NP30, Minx Xi and Stream Magic 6 V1).
The StreamMagic app is also a far more advanced app, and will allow you to make use of all of the CXN V2's features.

This error code can also refer to a communication error between the mainboard and another component that it is having trouble connecting to. In most cases, a hard-power rest (unplugging the mains cable from the device and leaving it to stand unconnected for a minute before plugging back in again) or a factory reset, typically resolves this error.

You can either perform a factory reset via the front panel controls/remote control (Home > Settings > Factory Reset), or via the Settings in the StreamMagic app.

Note: Returning the player to its factory settings will delete all previously saved network settings and presets.