ProductCXN (v2)What driver should I use?
CXN (v2)

What driver should I use?

ProductWin 7 or earlierWin 8,8.1Win 10,11
Azur 751R1.675. or newer
Azur 751R v21.675. or newer
Azur 851C1.675. or newer
Azur 851D1.675. or newer
Azur 851N1.675. or newer
CXA61Limited support5. or newer
CXA801.675. or newer
CXA81Limited support5. or newer
DacMagic 1001.675. or newer
DacMagic 200MNot supported5. or newer
DacMagic Plus1.675. or newer
DacMagic XS1.675. or newer
Edge ANot supported5. or newer
Edge NQNot supported5. or newer
Evo 150Not supported5. or newer
StreamMagic 61.675. or newer
StreamMagic 6 v21.675. or newer

If you own a DacMagic100, DacMagic Plus, 851C manufactured before 2014 you may need to upgrade its USB first to enable USB Audio 2.0 compatibility.

Driver Download

Our range of drivers can be downloaded from our Driver updates page

8th December 2021

The Windows USB Audio class 2 driver (v5.27.0) has recently been updated.

There is no new product support added to this version, but there is a security fix for Windows 10 and support added for Windows 11.

Changes from v5.12.0 to v5.27.0 (these are mostly issues hidden):

  • Fix: Fixed a security vulnerability (update recommended)

  • New: support for Windows 11 (21H2)
    Change: now using SignTools 1.9

  • New: support for Windows 10 (21H1)

  • New: API version 5.8

  • Change: Audio control interface for MIDI is optional

  • Change: Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are no longer supported (Microsoft discontinued vendor signing)