ProductAXR100DStoring Radio Presets on the AXR100D

Storing Radio Presets on the AXR100D

To assign a radio station to a preset, follow the below steps, whilst listening to the frequency or station you wish to store:

Press and hold the "Mode / Store" button.

Use the 'Skip / Scan' button (3) or 'Preset Buttons' to select the preset location for the station to be stored to.

Press the 'Mode / Store' button again to confirm your selection.

Note: You can store up to 40 presets for each band (i.e. 40 presets for the DAB band plus 40 presets for the FM band).

You can only access stored presets 1-8 on the remote preset buttons. You can access stored presets 1-10 on the front panel preset buttons.

To access all presets, set the mode to ‘Preset’ mode with the ‘Mode’ button on the remote control or ‘Mode/ Store’ button on the front panel, and use the reverse or forward ‘Skip/Scan’ buttons.

This will allow access to the full 40 DAB stored presets or 40 FM stored presets.

Note: In ‘Store’ mode, if no button is pressed for a while, the unit will come out of ‘Store’ mode and the preset will not be saved.