ProductAXN10/MXN10What is the latest firmware for AXN10/MXN10?

What is the latest firmware for AXN10/MXN10?

14th February 2024

General release 133-b-013 is now available for AXN10/MXN10.

  • Updated to Cast 2.0

  • Updated TIDAL Connect (Hi-Res support)

  • Updated Spotify Connect

  • Fixed digital distortion at the start of playback when streaming AIFF via Minimserver

  • Fixed saving single tracks and mixes as presets from the queue

  • Fixed metadata handling when skipping tracks during Cast playback

  • Improved auto-power-down behaviour

  • Improved Bluetooth status messaging

  • Implemented embedded album artwork

  • Improved Chinese character metadata handling

  • Fixed Cast group playback sync

  • Added Korean language support

  • Improved Bluetooth sender device volume control

26th July 2023

General release 132-b-007 is now available for AXN10/MXN10.

  • Enabled pre-amp mode/volume control for the analogue outputs

  • Fixed re-pairing bluetooth input with Windows 10 and Linux operating systems

  • Improved network connectivity when switching between multiple access point on mesh networks

  • Improved playback states when skipping multiple tracks

  • Disabled Spotify Normalisation

  • Fixed a crash when selecting UPnP track presets after firmware upgrade

  • Show the Bluetooth source device name on the "Now Playing" screen

26th April 2023

General release v132-b-004 is now available for AXN10 and MXN10:

  • No updates

Known issues:

  • Start-up splash screen animation is sometimes cut short from cold boot.

  • Some UPnP track preset recalls can cause the unit to crash after power cycling the unit.

27th March 2023

General release v131-b-003 is now available for AXN10 and MXN10:

  • Fixed TIDAL Connect audio dropouts when streaming MQA content to an MQA enabled DAC via the digital outputs.

  • Fixed webmin "Restart" icon visibility when viewing the webmin settings page in Dark Mode.

  • Fixed French language webmin settings page translations.

23rd February 2023

General release v131-b-002 is now available for AXN10 and MXN10.