ProductAXN10/MXN10Why do I need to sign in to the app?

Why do I need to sign in to the app?

Signing in to your StreamMagic app means we can personalise and improve your experience.

Music is personal, but we don't care what you're listening to, so we don't collect information about tracks, artists, radio stations or any other of your listening habits.

We do want to make sure you have easy access to your favourite media so we keep track of the sections of the app you use so that we can promote and improve your most regularly used features.

This data will be stored in your account so that if you ever need to reinstall the app, or if you wish to use the app on multiple devices we can restore settings and configurations when you sign in.

Your email address is used as our means of identification for that purpose, and that purpose only.

No other personal information is collected.

For more information please view our Privacy Policy