ProductDacMagic 100The audio is inconsistent
DacMagic 100

The audio is inconsistent

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Check your source connections

If you are using a USB Audio connection:

Make sure you are using a certified cable for USB Audio, preferably one that displays an official mark. If you are using USB 2.0, the cable should be "Hi-Speed USB" certified.

Make sure your USB cable connection is not longer than 3m. This might cause suboptimal audio quality.

If you are using the optical or coaxial inputs:

Ensure that the cable is securely connected to the source equipment and DacMagic 100.

For optical connections we recommend the use of high quality TOSLINK fibre-optic interconnect cables, specifically for audio use.

For S/P DIF coaxial connections we recommend the use of a high quality 75 ohm digital RCA interconnect cable (not one designed for normal audio use).