ProductMinx C46How do I install the Minx C46?
Minx C46

How do I install the Minx C46?

How-to guide

1. Use the included template to mark the position for the mounting hole at the selected location

Note: We recommend the use of a 75mm (3”) downlight hole saw.
mounting hole

2. When mounting speakers flush to a ceiling or wall, ensure that there is enough depth/clearance within the respective cavity

For the Minx C46 you will require a minimum clearance of 95mm (3 ¾”).

enough depth

3. Connect the RED positive (+) and BLACK negative (-) speaker cables to the relevant terminals on the Minx C46

It is important that these are matched correctly.

4. Next, press the metal clips upwards and fit the two longer arms into the ceiling hole

ceiling hole

5. Push the speaker upwards until firmly within the mounting hole

push the speaker