ProductMinx C46What are the technical specifications?
Minx C46

What are the technical specifications?

Sensitivity (SPL)

86dB (2.83 Vrms input).

Frequency response

120Hz – 20kHz.


8 Ohms compatible.

Recommended amp power

25-200W. Using a high powered amplifier lower down its volume scale results in lower distortion and better sound. If you hear a distorted sound or mechanical ‘crack’ as the speakers hit their end stops, you are playing the speakers too loud and this may cause damage. With an AVR the Minx C46 speakers should be set to ‘small’ with a crossover frequency of 140Hz. In this configuration, power handling is considerable increased.


1 x 2.25”

Speaker dimensions (H x W x D)

98 x ø 88mm (3.8 x ø 3.5”)


0.46Kg (1.01lbs).