ProductAXA35My order failed, why have I been charged?

My order failed, why have I been charged?

If, despite not receiving a confirmation email, you can see that money has been taken from your card then what has likely happened is that your bank or payment provider has taken a 'pre-payment from your card.

This pre-payment is held with your card or payment provider as a pre-payment pending the transaction's completion (which is confirmed with an order confirmation email from ourselves), but the money is not actually transferred over to us at this stage. This pre-payment is normally returned back onto your balance by your card provider in 48 hours if the order has not gone through and this is perfectly normal.

If after 48 hours you have not had the full balance returned from your unsuccessful order, or if you are still unsure, then we would recommend contacting your bank or card provider direct who will be able to advise you further on this.